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The Online Publishing Toolkit

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Print remains important, but online publishing is gaining ground, seeing some titles moving (or launching) wholly online. Today's publisher or editor needs to manage "print plus": a modern multi-platform, multi-media magazine. Find out how to deliver content to readers whenever, wherever, and however they wish. Learn about such vital tools as content management systems, mobile apps, "the cloud," digital versions and mobile editions, social media, micro sites, analytics, ad portals, and more.

This course is part of Ryerson University's Certificate in Magazine and Web Publishing.

Course Details:

Seven weeks
Starts Wednesday, September 13, 2017
6:30 — 9:30 p.m
(plus materials fee)

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Why take this course?

Diversify your skills. Writers, editors, publishers and designers who can bridge print and digital are in demand.

Knowledge is power. It's like being able to change your own tires. Take your digital destiny into your own hands!

Make the right investments. Smart digital strategy can lower costs for publishers who need to make every dollar count.

It’ll be fun—promise! You'll be learning by making cool stuff together in a low-stakes, high-enthusiasm setting.

What does the course cover?

The Online Publishing Toolkit is aimed at magazine professionals who want a general introduction to the technologies underlying digital publishing today.

This course is not intended to make you a coding genius. Instead, we want to make sure you can talk knowledgably with your IT staff, developers, and web designers about your publication's needs and ambitions online. Whether you’re in editorial, design, or publishing, this class will teach you the basics you need to fully contribute to your magazines’ digital projects and, most importantly, set you up for further learning.

To that end, over seven weeks we'll talk about:

  • The basic infrastructure of the Internet
  • Content Management Systems and current trends in content strategy
  • The uses—and misuses—of cloud technologies
  • HTML5, CSS3, and current trends in web design
  • Principles of search engine optimization, semantics, and accessibility
  • Mobile sites, apps, and responsive design
  • Marketing, analytics, and ad management
  • Audience development strategies and social platforms
  • The economics of digital publishing (there really are some!)

To keep it all practical and grounded, the major class assignment (in-class and independently) will be setting up your own web server space, installing Wordpress blogging software, and integrating some third-party services. Note: purchasing a basic commercial hosting plan is in addition to the course fee. I really believe that having your own inexpensive server to experiment with is the best way to learn and will repay its value many times over.

Who's teaching it?

Graham F. Scott

Graham F. Scott. (That's me in the photo.) I'm currently Senior Editor, Digital, for Canadian Business, Maclean’s and MoneySense; I used to edit This Magazine. I’m a seasoned, self-taught freelance web designer with more than 10 years of experience. And since I have a foot in both worlds—traditional magazine editorial and digital design—I believe I can help bridge them for you.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch by email or on Twitter.

gfscott at gmail dot com


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